Stay or Go?

Journal Entry Date: June 15, 1996

“Well, my wife and stairs definitely don’t like each other. After tripping on the stairs and falling, she is not sure whether she is supposed to go to Glorietta, NM with other leaders and teachers from our church for children’s ministry leadership training. She’s in a lot of pain from either a bad sprain or a broken toe/foot, not to mention overall soreness. Her flight leaves soon, so she’s a little apprehensive. Is the enemy trying to keep her from going to the training?”

Author’s Note: My wife has a very high tolerance for pain, so after she fell and could barely walk without crying from pain, I could tell it was super painful. Turns out it was broken, but she toughed it out and got on the plane. She had a terrible time on the plane, not to mention difficulty walking around and problems sleeping due to the pain, but the leadership training equipped her for the years to come in effectively ministering to children. Praise the Lord!