Failing as a Mentor

At this point, I was still really struggling with what it meant to mentor or disciple someone else. I tended to approach it in a teacher-student kind of way, which was appropriate at times, but still short of what it should have been.

A Busy 24 Hours (Part 5)

I spent a few years remodeling our basement... It seemed like the project would never end! I was horrified when I saw my little boy tumble down the stairs onto the concrete, and was so grateful when I saw he wasn't seriously injured... but what does that have to do with My Abiding Life?

A Busy 24 Hours (Part 4)

Over the years, I learned that setting aside specific time(s) each day was indeed an important spiritual discipline; however, I also learned how to spend even small moments with God all throughout my day... where I was constantly welcoming God into my everyday thoughts and activities.