Failing as a Mentor

Journal Entry Date: February 22, 1997

“Kevin came over tonight, and we spent some time talking about how to study the Bible. We’re going to start having more 1-on-1 talks and, hopefully, he’ll be willing to share more about what’s going on in his life. I fail miserably as a mentor, but I still feel God leading me to continue.”

Author’s Note: At this point, I was still really struggling with what it meant to mentor or disciple someone else. I tended to approach it in a teacher-student kind of way, which was appropriate at times, but still short of what it should have been.

I admit I also had a tendency (and still do sometimes) to try and impress others with my knowledge or insights or godliness or whatever… I tried to make myself look good for the sake of my own ego. Lord, forgive me!

It’s not easy being ‘real’ or transparent… But in my opinion, this is where true discipleship starts… Not in trying to impress each other or simply share our knowledge and experience, but sharing our life in such a way that others can see what it truly looks like to follow Jesus… In times of struggle and disappointment, in times of victory, and in all the mundane times in between.

It’s about the journey… and showing others how abide in Christ… how to truly love God and love others… how to live sacrificially… how to live a life pleasing to God… both when we get it right, and when we don’t.

Lord, help us to live authentic, transparent lives that will draw others into more intimate fellowship with Jesus!