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  • Always More to Learn
    Journal Entry Date: February 27, 1997 “Had a very good discussion with Kevin tonight. I had almost decided that he wasn’t ready to be discipled, but he showed great interest tonight. We discussed everything from prayer effectiveness, reaching out to the lost, and how God prepares & equips us. We decided to continue studying Proverbs …
  • Help for the Hurting
    Journal Entry Date: February 24, 1997 God got me up early in the morning, and I had a good Bible study time. In fact, God was preparing me for the events of the day. “Dave” was supposed to meet me so we could go to Clint and Mary’s together, but he never showed up and …
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children
    Almost didn’t go to church… Didn’t want to go. But God did something in both the morning and evening services this day!
  • Failing as a Mentor
    At this point, I was still really struggling with what it meant to mentor or disciple someone else. I tended to approach it in a teacher-student kind of way, which was appropriate at times, but still short of what it should have been.
  • Motivated by Love
    It’s great to feel needed. But is that my motivation for serving God? Am I seeking acceptance… recognition… validation… self-fulfillment… Or am I motivated by love for the One who first loved me?
  • A Busy 24 Hours (Part 5)
    I spent a few years remodeling our basement… It seemed like the project would never end! I was horrified when I saw my little boy tumble down the stairs onto the concrete, and was so grateful when I saw he wasn’t seriously injured… but what does that have to do with My Abiding Life?

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