Motivated by Love

Journal Entry Date: February 21, 1997

‘My Utmost for His Highest’ devotional for today had some thought-provoking statements. [Click HERE to read the February 21 devotional from ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ by Oswald Chambers]

Am I spending my time trying to be used by (or be useful to) God, or am I doing things to show God my love for Him? Jesus placed great value on the love the woman showed through her actions in Mark 14:3-9.

She wasn’t trying to show Jesus how useful she could be through her service to Him… Her action was one of praise, worship, and devotion.

Serving Christ is extremely important, but my motivation must be out of love for Him and as a form of offering up my praise and worship.

Author’s Note: It’s great to feel needed. But is that my motivation for serving God? Am I seeking acceptance… recognition… validation… self-fulfillment… Or am I motivated by love for the One who first loved me?

Am I serving out of some sense of duty or obligation, or worse yet… guilt? Am I giving God my best, or just my leftovers? (If you’re not sure if you’re giving God your best, check out the following sermon titled, ‘Laying Our Crumbs Upon the Altar‘).

Lord, forgive me for those times when I fail to worship and adore You through my acts of service… when I strive for recognition or acceptance when You have already called me Your own and accepted me for who I am… when I forget what it means to truly love You with all of my heart, my soul, and my strength.