Always More to Learn

Journal Entry Date: February 27, 1997

“Had a very good discussion with Kevin tonight. I had almost decided that he wasn’t ready to be discipled, but he showed great interest tonight. We discussed everything from prayer effectiveness, reaching out to the lost, and how God prepares & equips us. We decided to continue studying Proverbs and discussing our insights each week.”

Author’s Note: Yes, I continued to struggle as mentioned in a prior entry titled, “Failing as a Mentor“, but successful discipleship also relies heavily on the person being discipled… Is that person willing and desiring to be discipled in the first place?

What about me? Am I personally willing and desiring to be discipled as well? Even though I may no longer be new in my faith, do I recognize that I still have so much more to learn? Am I willing to be transparent and vulnerable with another believer? Will that person think any less of me?

Here’s a thought to ponder: Maybe our continued spiritual growth can be stifled should we reach a point where we’re no longer willing to humble ourselves… where we try to go it alone instead of in partnership with like-minded believers.

Lord, lead us to disciple each other in humility, not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought, but submitting to one another in love. But above all, I submit my will and my desires to You as You continue Your work in me… as You continually shape me into a useful vessel prepared by Your hands to accomplish Your good purposes.