Do I Measure Up?

Journal Entry Date: June 14, 1996

“Am I fulfilling my role as deacon?

If I don’t seek the lost, instruct those who are drifting from the Word, care for those who are hurting, and continue to minister to the healthy, then could my inaction eventually destroy the entire flock?

I know I must answer to God for my actions (or inactions). Sin always has a price.”

Author’s Note: I was ordained as a deacon a couple of years after surrendering my life to Christ, but I never felt like I measured up to the lofty standards that I had in my mind for that role. Implied in this journal entry was my failure… that I’m not good enough. The enemy also used my mediocre grasp of scripture at that time to sow doubt. In fact, I removed the scripture reference from this journal entry that I had used completely out of context those many years ago, and that the enemy had used to tear me down. But God doesn’t leave me here… He’s just getting started!

Do you feel like you don’t measure up? Don’t give up! God hasn’t given up on you either! In fact, He’s just getting started!