Choosing Peace

Journal Entry Date: June 22, 1996

“I have become very intolerant of certain people at work. It’s OK to be intolerant to sin, but not to personality traits that I find irritating.

Pursue peace with everyone, and the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no root of bitterness springs up and causes trouble, and through it many become defiled.

Hebrews 12:14-15 (NRSV)

I must deal with this now before Satan gains a foothold in my workplace.

More guidance in Romans 14 as well.”

Author’s Note: Being a follower of Jesus doesn’t prevent us from feeling and experiencing various thoughts and emotions that may not be altogether righteous. What sets us as believers apart from the world, however, is how we choose to respond. Do we allow those emotions to rule our words and actions so that we respond how the world is expecting us to respond, or do we choose the way of the cross instead? We don’t always get it right, but when we do, people notice and God is glorified!