Learning How to Praise God

Journal Entry Dated: June 13, 1996

“God answered my prayer by getting us up early this morning so we could start our day with the Lord. I started reading thru more scripture about praise. Probably 90% of the verses I read mention singing. The rest included shouting, clapping, various instruments, etc.

We need to praise God for what He’s done. My problem is that I’ve learned to accept God’s work as commonplace. At this point, my praise would be forced and unacceptable to God.

Paul, do you see what you just wrote? “We NEED to praise.” That just doesn’t seem right. Doing something because you NEED to vs. doing it because you are YEARNING to do it… There’s a big difference! This may take some time, huh?

Lord, change how I look at things so I can see Your miracles. I want to be like a little kid again where even something small like discovering that ladybugs can fly will knock my socks off.

I have a longing to be back in the mountains away from civilization. I remember from my last backpacking trip how easy it was to see God all around me… every breath of crisp air, the musical sound of water racing down the mountainside, the beautiful songs of life, wind in the trees, scurry of small life, aromas of pine, crackling of the campfire… just the simple peace of experiencing all that God created.

Thank you, Lord, for those memories! I guess I really do know what praise is about. May God show me how to find these things in my workplace and home. The only things competing for my attention in the mountains are works of God. It was so easy to forget that Satan even existed out there.

Well, back to the war.”

Author’s Note: God is worthy of all honor, glory, and praise… not just because of what He’s done or will do, but because of who He IS. I sometimes lose sight of God’s majesty and splendor and replace it with “what have You done for me lately?”

God spent 40 years training the hearts of His people to truly worship Him before they crossed into the Promised Land. After 2+ decades, I’m still learning too.

Lord God, You are awesome in wonder, majesty, and splendor… You alone are worthy of our worship!