A Busy 24 Hours (Part 1)

Journal Entry Date: February 18, 1997 (Part 1 of 5)

(Note: Due to the length of this particular journal entry, I’m posting it in five parts).

“Some things God has done in the last 24+ hours:

1 ) Yesterday, ‘Dave’ and I were able to spend time with ‘Jimmy’ talking and praying about one of his deacon care families. The daughter is heavily involved in witchcraft, Satan worship, drugs, sex, etc. As Dave said during our discussion, ‘We as Christians must be prayed up and equipped with God’s word in our hearts so that we are always prepared to do battle as it says in Ephesians 6:10-20.’

Because of our discussion, prayer, and the whole situation and circumstances of last night, the Holy Spirit has given me a much deeper understanding of this passage and the battle that is being waged than I have ever known before. I can’t really describe it other than to say that before last night, I understood those verses from Ephesians 6 in my mind, but now I know it more deeply in my heart.

Wow! Just think… If I hadn’t started my time with God again yesterday and gone on outreach with the other deacons, I would have missed an opportunity to see God work, participate in God’s work, and grow in knowledge and understanding that only the Holy Spirit can provide.

I am really starting to understand these spiritual matters more fully now… I may do a study on the difference between knowledge and understanding… Where does wisdom fit in?”

Author’s Note: As an introvert, I have always been fearful of going on ‘outreach’ and sharing my faith and praying with strangers. This continues to be something that I must set my mind toward doing or I just won’t do it. But when I overcome my fears and step outside my comfort zone, God usually shows up in a big way… and, just as importantly, God uses those moments to grow and develop and transform me spiritually.

As I look back on this journal entry, I see how God had started preparing me for what would come many years later as international missionaries… We would be facing darkness, demonic spirits, and even someone using a pentagram and fortune telling in church after I had finished a Sunday sermon… But those are many, many journal entries down the road, so stay tuned! This journey is just getting started!

Will you be courageous and step outside of your comfort zone for the glory of God? If so, He will continue to mold you and shape you into the very tool He needs to accomplish His purposes! To God be all honor, glory, and praise!