The Spirit is Willing…

Journal Entry Date: June 26, 1996

“Satan’s already started on me… How am I going to find time for everything? Basement remodeling, spending time with my wife, spending time with my kids, home responsibilities, work pressures, deacon care families, parking lot ministry at church, still not going to Sunday School, D.S.’s computer project, desire for fellowship with other Christian families, desire to entertain the lost to plant those seeds of the Good News, woodworking projects, assisting with my wife’s Sunday School responsibilities, and I could go on… but that’s enough for now.

The spirit is truly willing, but the flesh is weak… I need to continue my Bible study later… I keep falling asleep on my reference book.

Isaiah 40:31… I could sure use some of that!

PS – God has shown me my sin about my participation in gossip and talking poorly of others as I read Proverbs 26:20-22. Now I need to help effect change in my workplace.”

Author’s Note: Having a young family is exhausting work. I really wanted to spend quality time with God daily, but I was just so tired all the time. If you’re struggling with finding time to spend with God, you’re not alone. At least in my personal experience, the enemy would use seemingly good things to fill up my time so that my time with God would get squeezed out of my day and leave me exhausted.

Beware of busyness! Sometimes you have no choice, but sometimes we take on things where we should have said ‘No.’ Without good self-care, both physically and spiritually, your capacity for and effectiveness in caring for others’ needs will be greatly diminished over time.

Lord, renew our strength when we are exhausted… and give us discernment so that we may be good stewards of the time and energy you have placed in our care each day.