Choosing Grace

Journal Entry Date: June 24, 1996

“God really helped me find positive things about those people that I had been finding irritating, and helped me to be more supportive. It was so easy to get caught in that cycle of demeaning, judgmental attitudes and conversations. I need to be praying for M.P. daily. It felt good to be supportive.

C.H. and I took the afternoon off to play golf. It was wonderful! Weather was perfect… we basically had the course to ourselves… and we had a wonderful time of Christian fellowship with each other.”

Author’s Note: It is so tempting and so easy to tear others down… It even feels a little good sometimes. But that’s not God’s way. When we instead choose to be a conduit of God’s grace, then we can really begin to make an impact! I can’t say that everything got better overnight, or that people miraculously stopped being irritating. But what DID happen is that God was changing ME… When I started choosing to show grace, He was changing my heart to help me become more like Him. When I started praying for and supporting those people, then I started loving them as God does. When people are getting on your last nerve, try choosing grace! It’s a game changer!